NO! to Miami Beach Pop Festival

We need your help, a major event is being proposed over our park and beaches.

The producers of Miami Beach Pop Festival, an Ultra-like event, have submitted a petition for a permit for a recurring annual event on our beaches from 5th street all the way through to 10th street!

The monstrosity is a 3-day event, proposed in Mid-December, right after Art Basel. The producers of the event are expecting 30,000-40,000 people to attend, in what is already one of the busiest months in Miami Beach.

If this 5 block event is approved it will come back every year, growing in size, becoming a permanent fixture on our beaches and destroying our parks and sand. The damage that these events do to our beautiful beach is already beyond repair in some places.

A public hearing is taking place at 1700 Convention Center Drive this Tuesday, February 13th from 6pm to 8pm.

Please DO NOT skip this opportunity to express your opinion and show the magnitude of the impact this will have on the citizens of Miami Beach, the traffic and noise this will create will be unbearable.

This is our only official opportunity to have our voices heard on this.

When is enough? How much can we abuse the grounds with these massive repeated events, not giving time for the land to heal.

Sifting and cleaning the area does not fully take care of the ground, no matter what kind of equipment is used. There is always debris left behind that finds its way back to the surface, under our toes.

Oil and diesel spills from generators are unavoidable, and linger in the sand for years following.

These are some pictures of debris left behind by previous events, most of it found weeks after the events are gone and the event and city had cleaned the area.

Year 1915

Lummus sells his oceanfront property from 6th Street to 14th street to the city for $40,000. The land is dedicated as a public park and beach, to be named Lummus Park

Some pictures of previous events debries left behind after clean up
Oil-diesel spills